Meet the Makers


Meet the 2016 Makers:


gr-comic-con-text-logo-color-banner2Grand Rapids Comic-Con

Comic book and popular arts convention.

Code Red Robotics

Code Red Robotics shapes students into problem solvers, innovators, and self-starters by competing in the FIRST Robotics Competitions. 

mUVe 3D

Open-Source 3D Printer Research, Design, and Sales.


Rockhounds pursue the Lapidary side of their hobby by cutting and grinding rocks and gems to make jewelry and art objects.

High Voltage

Display and operation of various devices producing HIGH VOLTAGE such as, VandeGraaff machine, Wimshurst machine, a small TESLA COIL,  along with devices which require HIGH VOLTAGE to operate.


 Zentangle is a method of creating beautiful images using patterns that are simple enough that anyone can draw them. If you can write the letters of the alphabet you CAN create Zentangle art. Come visit the Zentangle table and try your hand at learning a few patterns and make a simple project.

logo-kdl-lab KDL LAB

KDL LAB promotes creativity, collaboration and unstructured time to explore. Our focus is to get people creating instead of just consuming by fostering innovation and learning in our communities.


VoiceGR-Color-768x236 VoiceGR

VoiceGR is an evolving survey, designed uniquely to connect demographics with opinions and perceptions of greater Grand Rapids area residents. VoiceGR is meant to be a baseline to stimulate conversation on pertinent issues to our region.

Joy in the Making

Joy In The Making features items to enhance the life of someone dear to you. Weighted sensory items are designed to provide proprioceptive input for children and adults who benefit from additional sensory input to help them remain focused and calm.

berlinlog  Berlin Raceway

Berlin Raceway will display their very own race vehicles as well as have coloring books and race trinkets for kids.


27790940586_3bc6e2112e_mKruse Custom Creations

Kruse Custom Creations will be carving and doing some work with a power carver and knives as well as gouges. Hand made wood items Turnings and carvings will also be on display.



Grand_Rapids_GUILD_LOGO_400Extra Life Grand Rapids Guild

Extra Life unites thousands of players around the world in a 24 hour gaming marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.



IMG_9709 GRCC Mobile Manufacturing Lab

Experience the latest in advanced manufacturing technology. The GRCC Mobile Manufacturing Lab will contain a virtual welder, 3D printer, mini mill, and mini lathe.

RoVa3D_5_Extruder_Website_Promo_Pic__43040.1446494891.1280.1280RoVa 3D

This summer RoVa 3D  launched their full color FDM 3D printer!! Full color means that the printer only takes cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white filament and then feeds it into a single hotend and inside the hotend the colors are mixed with a blender to produce a new homogeneous color. Now you can print any color by simply selecting which color you want in the software.

13230312_501392480050226_602093378480216881_nInvasive Species 

Invasive Species is a large-scale sculpture and interactive art experience, brought to life with metal, light, and imagination.


SWMI Mini Maker Faire

The booth will consist of the Strawbees die cut machine for attendees to create their own strawbees connectors onsite, straws to build with and some starters for inspiration.

grcm-logo-small-mosGRCM Tinker Station 

Come create with the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum’s tinkering experts. Get curious, think with your hands and explore and create with some common materials. There’s no wrong way to tinker!

Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner is a very useful and fairly lightweight device designed to keep you cool wherever you are. It is powered by a small adapter and uses 120mm fans and ice for cooling.

616 Art Logo Final616 Art 

616 Art  puts a whole new spin on Lazy Susan, furniture, sculpture and more. They love finding creative ways to add another dose of fantastic to your life!


TEKTON is a family-owned hand tool brand. Their tools are classic, strong, and true to their fundamental purpose. They’re made to last and Always Guaranteed®.

Rope Making

Hands-on activity demonstrating rope making. It will include setting up and twisting a classic three cord rope with a custom built rope making machine.

IMG_0211Myth and Moth 

Myth and Moth is the creative outpouring influenced by botany and mythology. Myth and Moth makes linoleum block prints, jewelry, zines, and other handmade goods for the clever home.



Life Expressions Decor 

Make & take signs – just your way. You can select your saying and paint colors, paint your board exactly how you want it and they will even show you how to attach your saying to a sign to add to your home!

photoAllendale Robotics 

Allendale Robotics is a FIRST robotics program based in Allendale, MI. They provide programs for students grades 1-12 to inspire them in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields.


big24Interactive Smoke Ring Cannon 

This interactive exhibit launches powerful smoke rings into the air using a vortex of energy! It gives visitors the opportunity to discuss conservation of energy, weather effects (tornado’s) and water dynamics (kayaking eddies).

Grand River WoodTurner 

Demonstrations will be held.

Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Assn. and James C. Veen Observatory

GRAAA and Veen Observatory will have astronomy concept demonstrations, telescope manipulation, and simulated observing of celestial objects. Continually looping power point describes Veen Observatory, with pictures of celestial objects taken at the facility.

tdswSpinning Yarn

Fiber will be spun as well as any questions about yarn can be answered.





Why should precision fabrication be limited to machine shops and fab labs? The Versa3D is your personal desktop fabrication machine.


cropped-I-might-need-a-twelve-step-programI Dig 3D

Explore experiences with 3D printing.

13220841_1122816421109200_7404138775667227373_nQuilts on the Grand Raffle

Quilts on the Grand 2016 is a biennial quilt show produced by the West Michigan Quilter’s Guild. This event not only showcases work of local artists, it raised money for several local charities.

West Michigan makers 

West Michigan Makers is a group of artists, developers, inventors, makers, and thinkers creating a supportive community in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

CatalinaComets Robotics Team 3357

The Forest Hills First robotics team 3357 brings STEM educational classes to high school students in Grand Rapids. We teach electronics, engineering, CAD, fabrication, software and many other skills all with the objective of competing in robotics competitions.

RVeiUMgMad Mouse 

Mad Mouse is back again, this time with brand new abilities! Watch it strafe sideways and spin all over with the use of Mecanum wheels, and see a demonstration of basic physics at work!


Learning From Scratch 

Recycled materials for creative minds. Innovation and education through conservation.

13781730_604795783014502_4246963982699962503_nGVSU Formula Racing Team

The Grand Valley State University Formula Racing Team is a group of students who design, build and race their formula car at SAE competitions located around the country.


jobtrainingGRCC Job Training

Grand Rapids Community College provides real-world, hands-on, instructor-led training in the areas of Computer Support, Machinist/CNC, Welding, Automotive Technology, Electrical Construction, and Construction Trades.

logoBarnes & Noble Pop-Up Shop 

Featuring products from leading vendors in technology and education including LittleBits, Spin Master, Sphero and more, in addition to Make: Magazine. Barnes & Noble’s presence highlights our commitment to promoting literacy and raising awareness for the Maker Movement in local communities throughout the country, including Grand Rapids, MI.

Red Storm Robotics 

Red Storm Robotics invites you to come try your skill at robot driving. For their summer project, Kentwood middle and high school students built robots that shoot mini-discs into goals.

12112326_10205135540248610_6888307472419595705_nKite Building 

Kite Building  will show visitors use of newer materials and designs in Kite building. A working station will show design and sewing of sails, spar materials and use, construction of kites and examples of builders in the local area and around the country.


664640970_2a888846c1_qGrand Valley State University Padnos College of Engineering and Computing

The Padnos College of Engineering and Computing offers undergraduate programs in engineering, computer science, information systems, and occupational safety and health management.

$Electric Motorcycle 

Once again visitors will see home brewed electric motorcycles! A 1975 Yamaha RD250 electric and a Buell Blast electric.


FEC8FOYAxislab 3D Printing & e-Nable

Axislab 3D Printing is a Grand Rapids based public 3D Printing lab, specializing in rapid prototyping, consulting, and material sales.


4x4_mini_ornamanet_largeConstruct A Truck USA

They design and manufacture precision wood kits — trucks, cars, planes and trains! Build our Model B Truck kit on the world’s first Mobile Assembly Line (built into a 1966 Airstream).


DSCF6105GRPS Robotics

Grand Rapids Public Schools presents FIRST Robotics. FIRST Lego League for grades 4-6, FIRST Tech Challenge for middle school and FIRST Robotics Competition for high school. Each level has its own new game each year. In addition to building robots, students complete projects, write business plans, experience outreach networking and participate in community service.

The Jenison Robotics program uses VEX. The VEX Robotics Design System offers students an exciting platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities spanning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). These are just a few of the many fields students can explore by creating with VEX Robotics technology.

Downtown GR Pop-Up Street Performers

Pop-up performers will arrive throughout both days to perform a variety of performances!

feat_9296501 st legion- Star Wars costuming group

The 501st Legion is an international fan-based organization dedicated to the construction and wearing of screen-accurate replicas of Imperial Stormtrooper armor, Sith Lords, Clone Troopers, bounty hunters, and other villains from the Star Wars universe. The 501st Legion is made up entirely of volunteers.

SeedLibraryLogoKDL Seed Library

Borrow, grown and save seeds with the KDL Seed Library. A seed library is a self-perpetuating collection of heirloom seeds. Growing and saving the seeds of heirloom plants offers a more diverse and stronger seed stock of plants that are well-suited to Michigan’s climate.

CalCar- Tri Valley CampStructure Building

How creative can you be? How tall can you build? Test your building and creative skills with Connections Academy!


Custom Arcade

Personally designed and hand built arcade cabinet, laser cut, with decals designed in Photoshop. The entire project was designed in CAD before cutting and building. Micro switches are used to link the arcade buttons and joysticks to a repurposed hard drive with an animated front end linked to all the old school games we know and love.

13923818_1333822263313926_597524888263407839_oThe Love Letter Project

Help blanket the city, your community, school and home with words of encouragement and hope. The Love Letter Project is an extension of an ArtPrize 2013 project where people all across the city wrote and hid ‘love letters’ through the city of Grand Rapids, blanketing the city with over 6,500 letters filled with words of encouragement. Join us in writing a letter, take it and leave it in a random place for anyone to find or write and send it to someone who needs to hear words of encouragement. Our goal is to encourage people to reach out to others to let them know they are loved.

Hero-Image-500-px-widthFast and Reliable 3D Printing

Solutions of Consequence 3D Printing using the Fusion3D F400s for fast, reliable prototyping. The F400 is our start printer and works so well we want to show it off to the world. S.O.C. offers 3D prints, modeling, free printer repairs and training. We are techies and geeks and evangelists of 3D Printing and Bitcoin.


We will be operating a Take Apart booth!



Take Apart Lab

Take it apart and how it works! “Apply”ance Science at your fingertips!

SoakStiC Fire Suppression Tool

Latest design of Fire Fighting equipment. Portable, easy to use. Safer for the Firemen using it.

11910096_890987104322553_603305969_nGVSU – Atomic Object Technology Showcase

This showcase is an initiative of the Information Technology department at GVSU that provides faculty, staff, and students with an immersive and engaging environment to: interact, discover, learn, and share how innovative emerging technologies can enhance teaching and improve student learning.

10410608_902707926411538_2843329192141916662_nWest Michigan 4-H Tech Wizards

West Michigan 4-H Tech Wizards provides STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and arts) mentoring to youth through community partnerships in Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, Oceana, and Lake Counties. Youth and their mentors work together weekly to build a meaningful mentoring relationship while exploring a variety of hands-on projects. 4-H Tech Wizards lets adult and teen role models have a positive impact by mentoring the next generation of inventors and out-of-the-box thinkers.


The future of underwater adventure. The affordable, easy-to-use, underwater drone.



Carve, ink, stamp!

Local printmaker Alynn Guerra will demonstrate the process of creating a woodcut print, and then let you try.

28609880430_baec88af0d_bAerBots, Inc.

AerBots are fully customizable, buildable, plug-and-play drone kits. Our proprietary plug-and-play system allows anyone to build just about any aerial drone they can think of! AerBots are a great way for anyone to learn about electronics, aeronautics, AI, and the burgeoning new world of drone technology!

28791485242_c916418229_bChallenger Deep

Experience a home built one man submarine!



IMG_5365Screwing Around

Large boards with pre-drilled holes where attendees can screw painted screws into the boards to create art!


13872977_1211759552188797_4488650956947332912_nRobot Operation

Save the robot before it runs out of backup battery. There are a series of puzzles on the robot that need to be solved before turning the power back on.




5983296_origWMQG hand quilting

Try hand quilting. Come join us in a quilting circle. Experienced quilters will show you how to hand quilt on a traditional quilting frame.


20160717_001024Mega Blocks

Arduino based open sourced Mega sized block game, similar to the hand held Tetris.



Dueling Magic Wands

Arduino based open source project that capture the Infrared magic of MagiQuest wands into a game of dueling opponents.


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