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How are we different?

While robotics researchers and innovators are discussing state-of-the-art hardware and algorithms, the rest of the world is worried about drones and jobs.

Robotics is widely discussed in mainstream media, with headlines that play to both the public’s fascination about robots and its fears about them. Many robot enthusiasts have taken to online media to report on the ‘Robot Revolution’; however, with so many people contributing, and so much content spread out across the web, it’s difficult for the general public to know where to look for quality information. The resulting confusion and misinformation only play further into the public’s fear and/or misguided expectations of what robots can do.

As robotics experts, we have a deep vested interest to be part of this dialogue.

We are ideally positioned to demystify robotic technologies, spur innovation, and raise ethical and legal questions that require discussion. Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to best use online tools to directly share our research and join the public discourse on robotics. Many of us also need help to communicate our research in a language that is clear and accessible to the general public.

We’re more than an online news site

Maker Faire GR is more than an online robotics news site; we are a community, and a forum for knowledge-sharing, discussion, and debate. We are different from other robotics news sites because we don’t just send journalists out to ‘cover’ a story; we also enable roboticists to share their stories in their own words by providing them with a social media platform and editorial guidance. This means that our readers get to learn about the latest research and business news, events and opinions, directly from the experts.